The Hateful Eight

As I have pointed out previously, the basic formula for any Quentin Tarantino film is to get a group of badasses together with a bunch of lethal weapons and see how many ways they come up with to kill each other. That is after they’ve had some great conversations of course. Gab and gore is the trademark of any Tarantino film. Well apparently QT reads this blog because in The Hateful Eight he gives us the stripped down formula: eight antagonists trapped in a one room establishment somewhere on the side of a Wyoming mountain near the town of Red Rock. This takes place in the old west so there is no deconstruction of Madonna lyrics.
The group is a mix of bounty hunters, four bounties (one alive), lawmen, an ex-slave, Yankees and Rebels. For the three plus hour length of the film they talk and shoot. One look at the cast and you will see that there are capable actors filling all these rolls and the performances are universally fine. Kurt Russell dominates the room as John Ruth, a bounty hunter who tries not to kill his bounties, preferring to watch them hang. Samuel L. Jackson, as I’ve said before, is the coolest person in any room he happens to find himself in and this room is no exception. Jennifer Jason Leigh is Ruth’s prisoner. She gives an extreme off the wall portrait that comes off very well.
It is a visually interesting film. As Hitchcock proved in Rear Window there are many ways to shoot a room and Tarantino knows them all and uses them. The colors pop out at you.
The Hateful Eight is not Tarantino’s best. It is many hours of dialog with moments of graphic violence interspersed. There doesn’t appear to be any point or direction to all the palaver. Perhaps he figured that he needed to make a film based almost entirely on dialog just to prove he could do it. With all due respect to the Aaron Sorkins who roam the earth, Quentin Tarantino is the best dialog writer in Hollywood. Maybe he can be forgiven for thinking his words could carry this ponderous plot.
If you are a Tarantino fan, and I’ll admit to being fascinated with his work, you probably need to see this in the theaters. Casual fans can probably wait for the DVD so they can pause it to take bathroom breaks. Or they may not even want to pause it.


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