Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1

When we last left Harry, Ron and Hermione, Professor Snape had killed Dumbledore and fled Hogwort’s. But Harry and Dumbledore had already discovered the secret of the Horcruxes, and how they were used to distribute pieces of Voldemort’s dark soul. This secret gives our heroes a chance to defeat the Dark Lord, if they can find and destroy all of them.

Unfortunately, Voldemort is all but in control of the Ministry of Magic, and his Death Eaters are scouring the land for Harry. Obviously Hogwort’s is too dangerous, so the aurors try to move Harry to the Weasley’s new house. They are attacked on the way and Harry barely makes it. A few days later, the Weasley house is attacked as well and Harry, Ron, and Hermione have to go on the run, searching for clues as to where the Horcruxes are along the way.

I deliberately wrote that intro in such a fashion as to confuse anyone who hasn’t seen the previous movies. If you haven’t or you haven’t read the books, you have no business seeing Deathly Hallows. If you really want to, get them out of the library, put them in your Netflix queue, or borrow them from a friend. Do not make this one your first Harry Potter experience.

David Yates, the director and Steve Kloves, the screenwriter don’t waste any time bringing us up to date on events. This makes for a strangely paced movie. I’ve written before that the nature of this project, an eight picture series covering the adolescence of these characters, gives the filmmakers a great deal of leeway with how they structure the movies. If Deathly Hallows was a regular movie, it would be slow and too dark, but seen as part of a massive story arc, it is pretty good.

This movie is about the price that the characters have to pay to fight their war with Voldemort. Important characters in the series die, some in the first reel. The opening montage shows the Dursley’s, Harry’s foster family moving out of their suburban home. And Hermione erasing all memories of herself from her parents’ minds, before she leaves home for good. When the three are out in the wilderness, they have a wizard radio that every day announces who has been killed by the deatheaters. And if you’ve read the book, you know that things get worse before they get better.

It’s hard to comment on how good the film is before seeing the second half. I can tell you, though, that the acting is fine. There are no major newcomers other than Rys Ifans as Xenophilius Lovegood, Luna’s dad. He’s sort of a wizarding world hippie. But Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint all continue to do great jobs bringing J.K. Rowling’s characters to life, as do the usual supporting players.

So next summer, this all wraps up. I have every confidence that they’ll nail the final chapter and the result will be something special.


1 Response to “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1”

  1. 1 Link Aller December 28, 2010 at 4:53 am

    Hallows is a National Geographic Travelogue with some
    convoluted dialogue. Was it worth the time? If you’re a fan, I
    guess so. But seeing the ‘gang’ play Globe Trekker was kinda
    boring…….good luck on the 2 Harrows, maybe they’ll visit the
    moon in this one!

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